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Soundless Scream's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Soundless Scream

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? [28 Oct 2006|07:10pm]
anyone know of any good car body work places in the burien area? Or know anyone that does car body work?
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[23 Oct 2006|06:13pm]
Anyone looking for a cat? We are trying to move and no where is willing to allow more then two cats. Shes a sweetheart...
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[02 Dec 2005|09:39pm]
Anyone know any online schools? Particularly ones focusing on graphic/web design?
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Got sucked into the meme [04 Nov 2005|05:10pm]
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want--good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you.
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[22 Oct 2005|10:11am]
The Bauhaus show was amazing. Besides having squirming people in front of us the seats were good and could see the stage perfectly. Though I had a squirming guy next to me too. Which means syn6 readily enjoyed the show too. Great night all around.
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[17 Aug 2005|09:07am]
Happy bday to me...
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Bored enough to do a meme [22 Dec 2004|04:54pm]
Gifts memeCollapse )

And it sucks when your want to write and are feeling creative for some of your characters but all the ones that are that way are with muns that never want to play or arent online....suckage....

Maybe Ill write an actual update later...maybe not...
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[09 Nov 2004|11:04am]
Hate it when you really want to rp but no one is online
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[03 Nov 2004|09:53am]
Im rather disgusted with most americans right now...

Cant believe that monkey puppet managed to con so many into believing his shit.


Not near as big a surprise as it should be though...
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Happy Samhain and Halloween to everyone. [31 Oct 2004|12:14pm]

Hope everyone has a good holiday and that everyone remembered to turn there clocks back, of course I almost forgot to and half the clocks in the house are still wrong. ;)
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[14 Oct 2004|06:16pm]
anyone have the override for putting a header on a journal? Cant find it, know I had it once. Or does anyone have any good communities that have premade templates to use as your own and such?

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[23 Jul 2004|09:42pm]
anyone know any good sites on body suspenion (hanging from hooks) or any place where I can find good pics? Need to make a few icons and cant find anything good at all.

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she lives...kinda [13 Jun 2004|04:11pm]
Just wanted to make a post saying yes I live lol. My laptop was down for a long while so I havnt really been on lj for months now and finally just got my laptop back up to speed or at least well booting up which is a start! So yes now when im on messengers or such I might actually be around, before I was normally on my bfs comp and he stole it all the time so even if I was logged in, wasnt really there lol

So yes sure you all missed me or something related to that sort...or not at all which I really couldnt blame anyone for lol

Will be catching up as I can and so on and so forth
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bah [03 May 2004|01:45pm]
fun fun...internet was shut off and of course I forgot to save all the files that were uploaded to the server space they gave us so I lost all of that shit too...cause you know losing it off my computer wasnt bad enough. Ive been online applying for places around my house since I dont have a car and all of that fun stuff, waiting for the bf to get home so he can help me with my resume cause I suck at them.

Wanted to apply for a job my friend told me about but with my wrists getting worse my typing has gotten worse with it and theres just no way I can get my typing speed up to 75 words a minute without like...finding someones wrists to switch with while I work. So far highest I got typing without my hands wanting to fall off is about 60....fuck...

Kims parents want to get us a condminum and get us out of these apartments, would be cheaper in the long run of things. Its cool I hate these apartments I just dont want to be moneyless anymore. Anyone got 200 bucks they can lend me? So will pay it back...gah I hate this shit...hate working and really want to work from home doing something but its not going to happen cause my wrists suck balls....

If you want to help broke Jessie out click below...stupid jobs...damn money *nods*

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damn... [09 Apr 2004|07:18pm]
Well fucking hell, was just informed that not only are we 2 months behind on our internet bill but we are three months behind on our electrity bill and who knows on the phone bill. Mother fuck! So yeah we are pretty much fucked lately, isnt that great? So if anyone has any rich friends or something that want to help out unemployed cool people that are damn well hunting for jobs...feel free to send them my way...ugh I hate being broke....fuck fuck...


If you want to help broke Jessie out click below...stupid jobs...damn money *nods*

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fuck [01 Apr 2004|09:48am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Pretty sure my laptop is fucking dead and that is my main comp really. So if Im not on as much, that would be why. If anyone wants to start up a jessie is poor as fuck, unemployed and now needs a new comp fund, I wouldnt say no to the help. (or comp parts to make a new computer)

fuck fuck fuck...

Today has just sucked ass I swear...just feel like shit and want to write to not think about everything and thats not gunna happen since no ones on and my stories are on my broken comp...

Lets add a few more "fucks" to this post...

fuck fuck fuck...

does anyone have any damn idea how to use paypal and shit? Things making me insane and Im already in a really shitty mood *kicks it* it anyone does know please contact me...

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Odd convos after I woke up [27 Mar 2004|10:51pm]
Him: I want to make more cookies
Me: I want for you to make more cookies
Him: We have no butter
Me: Thats twice today butter has smited me! (i tried to make butter toast and alas we had no butter)
Him: Um your weird.
Me: (few seconds later) So?
Him: *raised eyebrow*
Me: Sorry delayed reaction
Him: Um have I mentioned your weird?
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*sigh* [16 Mar 2004|09:59am]
[ mood | tired ]

A rantCollapse )

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Voteness [04 Mar 2004|01:44am]
Should the U.S. pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?

Stolen from amber911
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la la la [03 Mar 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | bored ]

Well everyone keeps wanting an update and as I keep telling everyone, nothing really happens for me to write about. But Im bored and I figure if you all want an update so bad that I can give in and do one even if it sucks. Sooo fair warning that this is gunna suck, so you can just stop reading now...

Im betting you guys havent stopped reading...


So yeah nothings really new in my life. My unemployment ran out so now im really having to look for a job and such since im bringing in a big ol 0 dollars. I really really dont want to work again and have to deal with stupid fuckers, I really dont like people most of the time, especially ones that I know ill end up working with. It sucks cause my care is dead, majorly dead, and so I either need to find a job close to home that I can walk to or bus or work when the bfs not working so I can use his car. Frankly I HATE buses, I refuse to take them alone so I dont want to see that as an option even though I have to, cue more grring like noises.

Me and the bf had our two year anniversary. It was the day before vday so we just combine the two days lol, keeps us from having to go out on vday and deal with hordes of people. We just went out to dinner and hung out and stuff, it was nice and worked just fine with me...I like simple things like that. I didnt quiet get why the day before vday everyone was going out to eat though, go out one day and then again the next, odd people.

Hmm what else?

Oh my cats are dumb, not that that is anything really new but yeah. Lydia tried to jump on the rat cage which is rather high. She got her claws into the top mech part of the glass cage but couldnt pull her fat ass up in time and sent her and the rat cage shattering down to the floor. So yes 5am-ish and she shattered the rat cage. Amazingly no one was hurt or anything. Lydia had glass in her fur and the rats were huddled up in a corner with "What the fuck!" type expressions on there face and rather displeased that there house had just fallen on them. So I got to pick them up and run screaming to the bathroom (screaming please dont bite me) and put them in the tub (they cant jump out of it) and we proceeded to spend the next hour trying to clean up glass and such from the ground. What really sucked was it was so early in the morning that we couldnt vacuum for a few hours since we live in apartments. Yeah so in conclusion my cats are dumb but if that wasnt enough, Balore runs head first into the wall sometimes and glares at the wall like ITS the one at fault... *shakes head*

That was my interesting story in this post, now I got back to poking my aol list and hoping an rper will get online so my characters stop gnawing on my brain...

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